Climate change Adaptation & resilience

technical assistance

Defined Impact provides climate change and environment support technical assistance services related to:

  • Environmental Mitigation and Monitoring Plans and Reporting (EMMPs and EMMRs).
  • Building national and sub-national partnerships to act as knowledge centers of climate change resilience and adaptation.
  • Support countries and project implementing organizations to increase the resilience of key infrastructure sectors and strengthen measures to protect against and respond to the impacts of climate change.
  • Supporting the implementation of local initiatives that draw on the indigenous experience and build capacity for making science-based decisions and policies.
  • Supporting implementation and scale-up of net-zero, resilient national policies and standards based on proven practices through high-level social awareness of climate change risks.

Other specialized services

  • Climate Vulnerability Assessments and Options Analysis.
  • Climate Governance and Institutional Capacity Building.
  • Technical Assistance to Development Climate-Resilient Pathways.